Sunday, July 27, 2014

Taking A Look Around- The View from my Bike

I don't have a car.  I haven't had one since November. As anyone who has been reading my blog for a while (all 4 of you!! Thanks, by the way) knows that I ride my bike everywhere.  

It is 5.5 km to work and 5.5 km back home so I end up doing 11 km a day at minimum.  If I have any kind of errands, that usually adds anywhere from 2 to 16 more km to my bike riding.

The beginning of the biking season -which was late this year due to the cold and icy weather -is usually a struggle for me as it takes a few weeks to condition myself every Spring.  But once I am used to it, the riding is no problem.  I can get to anywhere in the city -faster than the bus- with no problem.

I have lost more than 20 pounds this summer- which is always a good thing.  Not having a car has saved a HUGE amount of money on gas and car maintenance.   Admittedly, I have had to rent a car a few times when I needed to get somewhere farther my legs can take me.  But all in all, it has been a really great experience.  

Another benefit of bike riding- especially in the summer, is the scenery.  Really, when riding in a car, especially driving, a person misses a lot.
On my bike, I get a real look around.  I have ridden past shopping plazas and really looked at the stores that are in there.  Riding my bike past houses lets me have a good look at the various gardens and flowers.  It gives me ideas. On my way to work, I see lots of rabbits, a few opossums.  I can do without the skunks though. 
On my way home from work, there are always people out walking or running- getting in their morning exercise.  It is nice to be able to say a 'good morning.'  The dog-walkers are out at any time of day. 

It is not all rosey.
I did have three flat tires in one week.  Two in one day- my back tire.  I must have ridden over glass. (There is a lot of broken glass on the roads.) Then my front tire- which was the first flat for my front since I have had my bike- more than 10 years.   I got new tubes and two new road tires- so hopefully I am set for a while.

I have a small backpack that I use as a purse- it carries enough.  I can do a bit of shopping and still get my purchases home! 
And it is really nice to be able to go around traffic jams!!

 Truthfully, it will probably be at least another year or two before I think of buying a car.


Cindy E. said...

Thanks Shana!
I know I will be alright.
And once she comes and gets her stuff it there will be a whole lot less stress in my life.

Tracy said...

I used to ride my bike everywhere and I LOVED it.
Then I lent my bike to my nephew who dropped it a few times and it was never the same. And honestly I haven't found one I liked as much.
I so understand your description of getting around and enjoying the views.
A bike can go where cars can't :)